Our Adventure

Timing is everything.

The time is right for us to embark on this adventure and we hope that you follow along.

Traveling is our passion and we’ve always wanted to find a way to help those less fortunate and volunteer. There are so many bad things happening in the world today, but when you see someone give back, even in the smallest way, it gives us hope and does make such a difference!

Our good friend, Jessica, was very inspirational this year when she started The Giving Club.  In this club you get your friends together and each make a pledge to make a positive change in our world. It can be a small act of generosity or a very large act, whatever cause is closest to your heart. The commitment is for 1 year and then after a year we all meet again to review & renew our pledges. Our commitment is to travel the world and help underprivileged children and communities.

We’ve decided to spend about 6 months doing volunteer work while we travel around the world. The 15 countries that we are planning on going to are: Australia, Bali, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Beijing, Singapore, India, Nepal, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa and Brazil. At several of these places we are going stay with family or friends and the rest of the time we will be staying at hostels since we are on a pretty tight budget. If any of you know of a good organization or volunteer group in any of these countries, we would love to hear from you…or we would appreciate any advice or input you may have.  Also please check out the volunteer links to some of the wonderful organizations we plan on working with…we will be adding additional links as we secure volunteer work in the various countries.

We have a donations page if you would like to donate funds towards our volunteer efforts.  Of course, please don’t feel obligated, but for those of you who are able to help out we really appreciate it. Thank you to everyone for all of your encouragement! We are looking forward to this amazing journey and we will take you along by blogging and adding pictures as often as possible.

The way we look at it, we’ve only got one shot at this life; why not make it the best life possible. Why wait to make our dreams come true, why wait another second to be truly happy? We may not be in total control of our life, but we are in control of what we choose to do with the life we’ve been given…

“As you journey through life choose your destinations well but do not hurry there, avoid the short cuts, wander the back roads, enjoy the scenery and remember that the true worth of your travels lies not in the destination but in who you come to be along the way”  ~Anon.