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07 Mar 2009 The Quiksilver Pro – Snapper Rocks, Australia
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07 Mar 2009 The Pro Show
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Saturday, March 7th, at Duranbah Beach, Gold Coast, Australia

We had a blast at the all day music festival at Duranbah Beach, where the Quiksilver Pro was held.  There were some great bands!

Download the free Quiksilver Pro Soundtrack at:

06 Mar 2009 Australia Photos
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06 Mar 2009 Congrats PT!
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Today my dad got inducted into The Australian Walk of Fame at Tweed Heads, NSW.  He along with Mick Fanning, Stephanie Gilmore and Phyllis O’Donnell got stars on the walk of fame (on the sidewalk opposite the Twin Towns Services Club) bringing together three generations of world surfing champions.  Phyllis O’Donnell won the first ever world championship in women’s surfing in 1964, at the age of twenty-seven.  My father, Peter Townend, won the 1976 world championship.

01 Mar 2009 The Unwanted Roommate
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We finally arrived at the Gold Coast of Coolangatta late this afternoon.  We quickly unloaded the bags, returned the rental car and walked down to the beach at Snapper Rocks for a nice swim in the warm, beautiful, blue ocean.  Followed by a lovely dinner at my favorite Malaysian restaurant Little Malaya…we were full and tired as we walked back to the unit.

However the neighbors were all hanging outside (the apartment is in this great little complex with only 9 units and its always full of young, cool people) drinking beers so we joined them for a cold one.   We proceeded to tell them our spider in the car story which gave everyone a good laugh.  As we were turning in for the night I went to my room and thought I saw something on the ceiling above my bed…a flick of the light confirmed it, there was a big Huntsman spider in my room!!!  Ok, it was not as big as the one in the car, but it was still huge…bigger than any spider you ever see in California. I spun around and ran to the front door convincing 3 of the neighbor boys to come in and get it.  Check out the video.

The bummer is he is still in the room somewhere, he crawled in a hole behind the bed…hopefully never to be seen again, I hope. We stuffed the hole with tissue and I spray it every night before bed with spider spray…can’t believe we experienced two huge Huntsman spiders in the same day!!!

xo, Rana

Note to self: Keep all bags completely zipped up at all times so no creepy crawling critters can get in!

01 Mar 2009 The Hitchhiker
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We woke up really early while it was still dark out to hike to the top of the huge cliff in Crescent Head and watch the sunrise over the ocean.  It was gorgeous! 

We packed up our car and hit the road…while driving out of town we saw about 15 kangaroos in the football fields and pulled over to take pics.  After many photos we jumped back in the car and we were just about to pull out onto the road, when I looked up and saw a huge 4″ Huntsman spider crawling up the inside of my car door.   Needless to say I started screaming, Loyann stopped the car and we all jumped out of the car screaming and doing the spider dance.  Luckily a man about 50 yards up the road heard and saw us, so he came to our rescue and calmly got the spider onto a towel and let him go back into the grass.  Thank goodness he did, as there was no way any of us were going to do it, as we all suffer from arachnophobia.  I think we gave our rescuer a good laugh…as I’m sure he’ll be telling his friends the story of the 3 American girls that were chased out of their car by a Huntsman spider.

We’re still not exactly sure how he got in the car…it’s possible he crawled into one of our bags and tried to hitch a ride to the Gold Coast with us!

28 Feb 2009 Road Trip
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After breakfast in Bondi we set off on our drive up the coast.  Let me tell you…it was quite an adventure driving on the left side of the road for the first time.  Every time we switched lanes we would turn on the windshield wipers when we meant to use the turn signals…they are located on the opposite side of the steering wheel here.  It took us a while to get the hang of it and we cracked ourselves up every time we did it.

When I lived in Bondi Beach about 5 years ago, I went on a road trip with my friend Joel Olenik, who was visiting from California.  On the road trip we stayed with some of Joel’s friends, Shano & Pete, in Crescent Head.  I fell in love with this beautiful little beach side town and had so much fun with Shano and Pete.  So a week before Rana and I left for Australia, I emailed Shano and told him of our upcoming visit.  He responded that unfortunately he would be in Hawaii, but that we were more than welcome to stay at his home in Crescent Head.  I got so busy before we left that I didn’t respond until I got to Sydney, but Crescent Head is such a small town (population of 1,200) that I figured I could find the house again and hopefully someone would be there, and if not then we could just keep driving to the Gold Coast to Rana’s apartment.  But as luck would have it I found the house, so I peeked my head in and there was Pete sitting on the couch!  He gave me a big hug and told us to make ourselves at home…funny how things always tend to work out! :)  

After going for a walk along the cliffs and watching a beautiful sunset over the hills, we went to dinner at the only restaurant in town that’s open after 8pm and had one of the best meals that I’ve had in a long time and washed it down with several Toohey’s New (a good Australian beer).

28 Feb 2009 The Best Breakfast Burrito
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Since I had lived in Sydney for 3 months, I wasn’t too bummed that I only had 1 night and 1 1/2 days there.  I told Rana that as long as I could go get a breakfast burrito from from the Paris Cafe in Bondi Beach, I would be a very happy girl.  The burritos there are so good!  I use to eat them after working all night at the door of a night club, then I would go home and go to sleep after breakfast.  The ingredients are: eggs, kidney beans, avocado, white cheese, cooked tomato’s, sour cream and a salad on the side of mixed greens, red onions, tomato’s, cucumber and a vinaigrette.

27 Feb 2009 Our Night Out in Sydney
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We went to a huge club called The Ivy.  It had several different rooms and bars on many levels…but our favorite one was the roof top pool bar, “Marco Polo”, because you could dance in the water.  They even had changing rooms and showers for anyone who wanted to dance in their swim suit.  Then we ended the night at a very posh place called McDonalds.

27 Feb 2009 Together Again
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Our 1st Day in Sydney

Our 1st Day in Sydney